GOOD NEWS IN A NUTSHELL!  Deepak Chopra teaches that one habit can make a difference in every aspect of your day.  He encourages us to meditate first thing in the morning and gives five reasons why early morning is the best time to meditate.

What if you could take a magic pill each morning that would reduce your stress, lessen your anxiety, increase your ability to focus, and improve your memory? What if that pill had no side effects, you wouldn’t have to go anywhere to get it, and it is 100 percent free. Would you take it?

Of course, you would! And you can. The pill, of course, isn’t a pill at all, but rather, meditation. These days meditation has become somewhat of a buzzword, so much so that you’ve probably considered it at one point or another. But if you’re still on the fence about it, these five reasons for starting the day with morning meditation might convince you.

First reason: How you start your day is how you live your day. You may be starting your day with an alarm, kids, or pets waking you up, and immediately thrust yourself into the news, email, and the Internet. By starting the day frazzled and distracted, you can pretty much expect the day to follow suit. With meditation, you set the tone for a calm, mindful, and productive day.

Second reason: You are less likely to make excuses in the morning. Even with the best intentions, it’s all too easy for your to-do list to take over your day, and before you know it, you are too busy or too tired to sit and meditate. By doing it in the morning, you are more likely to actually follow through.

Third reason: You will be more productive at work. By restructuring your morning to include mindfulness practices, you are also more likely to have more energy and will be more proactive as a result.

Fourth reason: You will feel more in control of your life. By having a meditation morning routine, you show yourself and the Universe that you intend to be in charge of your day, instead of being pulled around by external demands on your time. 

Fifth reason: Ancient wisdom suggests meditation as a morning ritual. Many spiritual traditions suggest waking up before the sun to do yoga and meditate. The specific reasons vary, but ultimately it all comes down to creating a sacred connection to your higher self when the world and your mind are at their quietest. 

Still looking for advice on how to meditate?  Read more from Deepak Chopra, who suggests five different methods to choose from.

About The Rama Exhibition

Calley O’Neill is a highly respected artist, muralist, visionary designer and social ecologist from the Big Island of Hawai‘i. Journalists have described her art, which spans four decades, as ethno-visionary, dynamic, symbolic and breathtaking. Calley finds her expression through classical glaze painting in mixed media works, public murals, stained glass and mosaic. Her landmark Healing Gardens of Makahikilua master plan for North Hawai’i Community Hospital in Kamuela received national recognition among top landscape architects in the field of therapeutic garden design. A great team player, Calley’s input raises the bar and sparks innovation toward healing the Earth and its inhabitants. Journalists have described her as ‘a way-finder’, ‘a life giving force’ and ‘a force of nature.’ Calley is known for exceptional quality draftsmanship, a crystalline mastery of glaze painting, stimulating diversity, relentless experimentation, and her love of the Earth and humanity. Her magnum opus is Rama, Ambassador for the Endangered Ones, and she continually works on the exhibition paintings in her Waimea studio and her plein air pop-up studio and tree gallery at the Four Seasons Hualalai at Historic Ka’upulehu, where she is the Artist in Residence. Her paintings are both visual prayers and wake-up calls. Calley earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, summa cum laude from Pratt Institute, New York (1974) and a Master’s Degree in Social Ecology from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont (1977).
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