The Yellowstone River community finally felt heard as the judge said this in his ruling: “DEQ’s failure to analyze this issue violated the clear and unambiguous language of MEPA [the Montana Environmental Policy Act],” Moses wrote. “Failure to analyze this issue was arbitrary and capricious and a clear violation of MEPA.”

Bravo Judge Moses for going beyond $ and power.   Read more here and share the great news for Montana and our climate.

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Thought for EVERYDAY!

“Feelings are much like waves. 

We can’t stop them from coming 

but we can choose which one to surf.”


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Rectcke EVERYThing

WORLD leaders are waking up to the serious nature of climate change and biodiversity loss.  The richest nations in the world, the G 7 (UK, US, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, and Canada) have agreed to stop funding all overseas development of fossil fuels by the END OF THIS YEAR!  Bravo Bravo!

In a world first, Brazil’s Supreme Court has declared the Paris Climate Agreement a Human Rights Treaty superseding all national laws.  Bolisinaro and Brazil are doing very poorly regarding combatting climate change and halting the destruction of the Amazon Forest and other natural ecosystems.  Now, any law that is not in accord with the Paris Agreement is non-valid.  All laws must uphold the people’s right to work back towards a healthy climate.  This will start the ball rolling toward a global commitment to climate and biodiversity protection as a human right.  Bravo to Brazil’s Supreme Court.

In other news, Finland just became the first country to enact a legally binding carbon negativity act.  Bravo Finland! 

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GREAT NEWS IN A NUTSHELL!!  HOORAY!  Bravo to the US Senate!!  In a tie-breaking vote by VP Kamala Harris, the Senate passed a  $480 million sweeping legislative act to ameliorate climate change and reduce emissions (read as toxic air pollution) by 40% by the end of the decade.  This will improve the health of people who live near toxic energy sites, and all of us who breathe and live.  It alerts all of us and the world to actively take care of our air, water and soil.  Please read this article so you can tell a great story tonight at dinner and spread widely!  

We have a long way beyond this to go yet this is the best bill passed by the US since the Clean Air 1963.

Malama Honua,

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GREAT NEWS IN A NUTSHELL!!BRAVO OCEANA CANADA!  Canada just became the first country to ban the six major one-use plastics, including plastic bags, cutlery, 6-pack ring carriers, cutlery, and food containers!  They closed loopholes in the previous draft ban, brought the date closer (2022!), and banned exports of these items.  THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS for our Oceans!  Please spread the great news and let’s not buy anything in one-use plastics! Malama Honua,

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GREAT NEWS IN A NUTSHELL! To awaken awareness to the huge polluting carbon footprint of ocean shipping, one creative woman is bringing back old time 100 year old, clean, green sailing cargo ships.

While working on her second ship, this ship will begin bringing emissions-free coffee from Columbia to New Jersey.  Spread the good news and if you’re in my home state of NJ, go to roaster Cafe William and buy lot of coffee please! READ MORE here

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Solar Powered Hospital in Wales Exceeds All Expectations!


Wales’ Morrison Hospital in Swansea is powered by its own solar farm, and is providing more energy with a greater savings than projected.  With current rising costs, they expect their savings to double!  BRAVO and good timing.  Hello medical world!  Follow this lead!  Current projections indicate that swift, massive change is essential  to avert climate changes beyond our ability to control. Find a benefactor to create a solar farm for your hospital! Read more at EcoWatch

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Carl Sagan has a message for us all. . .

A NASA Mission was leaving the solar system when, at the request of Carl Sagan, it was commanded by NASA to turn its camera around and take a last photo of Earth across a great expanse of space. The attached video’s accompanying words are spoken by Carl Sagan. You will do well to listen to them attentively!
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Taking Coffee a Step Further!

Photo from Rens

GREAT NEWS IN A NUTSHELL! Love coffee? Take it a step further! Each pair of Rens Original Trainers has the equivalent of 21 cups of coffee grounds in it. Why? The FINS love coffee more than any other country and 15% of their household waste is coffee grounds, which produces methane, so they’re doing something about it! They also offset their carbon. Please spread the cool news and buy the stuff that is making a difference. Read more at Optimist Daily

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Mustard Powered Aircraft ~ Cutting Aviation Emissions by 70%!

GREAT NEWS IN A NUTSHELL!  Fantastic!  The humble mustard plant, Carinata, has the potential to rock the aviation industry into using a green biofuel that will help rural states in the southeast, US, provide all the benefits of cover cropping, pollination and biodiversity enhancement and be grown in the winter, when it will not conflict with food production.  Imagine cutting aviation emissions (2.5% of all emissions) by 70%!  Please read all about it, and spread the great news!

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