Procter and Gamble are Teaming with Community Organizations and TerraCycle to Recycle Beach Plastics into Shampoo Bottles!

beach plastic to shampoo bottles


Using it before it hits the ocean!  Bravo to food giant Proctor and Gamble, diverting beach plastic into a million and more Head and Shoulders bottles worldwide.  This emits 60% less CO2 into the atmosphere and takes less energy.   Community beach clean-up groups, please contact P & G.  In this growing movement, they have a call out for beach plastic!  This is really great news!  Spread it!

Procter and Gamble have teamed up with TerraCycle to create an innovative new technology which turns beach plastic into recyclable shampoo bottles.  Ditching virgin plastic, they have called on community service organizations nationwide to gather beach plastic, which they process back into eco-friendlier bottles.

So far, P&G has used this technological breakthrough to produce recyclable bottles for the world’s number one top selling shampoo brand, Head & Shoulders, producing more than one million such bottles in more than 10 countries, diverting more than six tons of plastic that could have otherwise ended up n the oceans.  Best yet, the innovation is reported to be less energy intensive, and emits 60% less CO2 throughout the production process.

They have also entered Pantene into the Loop Shopping Platform,  a new program which sells participating products in reusable containers, which they collect, refill and redistribute.

P&G is a major sponsor of World Oceans Day and a Founding Partner of Youth for the Ocean, a new collaborative initiative from World Oceans Day created to help drive youth awareness on the importance of a healthy ocean.

Head & Shoulders were recognized in 2017 by receiving the United Nations Momentum for Change Award, spearheaded by the UN Climate Change secretariat, whose purpose is to shine light on some of the most innovative and practical examples of what people around the planet are doing to combat climate change.

National Geographic and Plastics News both reported on this hopeful development in curbing the tide of waste plastics, and hopefully moving toward ceasing  production of more virgin plastic in the world.  Follow the links for more details.


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Magnesium is VITAL to Your Health!

maxresdefaultA self-proclaimed Queen of Magnesium, I have taken, been healed by, and taught the importance of MAGNESIUM.  In preparing for my upcoming summer retreat at Breitenbush, I’ve been doing my research to better understand why and how magnesium is so crucial, and which kinds of magnesium are the best.   80% of us are seriously deficient in magnesium to the point of headaches, heartaches, muscle and joint aches, digestion woes, and heart attacks…this is a worthy investment of your time…Dr. Dean is the real Queen of Magnesium…listen and heal!!!!!  To learn more check out this awesome article by Dr. Mercola featuring Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle, and here is a video by Dr. Dean which gives you information about the best ways to supplement magnesium.

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Full-Page Editorial is a Photo of a Sand Sculpture Imploring People to Reduce Plastic Use

seavoice-newspaper-2‘Full Page Editorial’ Sand Sculpture by Toshihiko Hosaka Implores Japan to Reduce Plastic

Look closely, and you will see that those dark spots are people on the beach!  And then you will see the amazing nature of this photograph.  Click on the link above to read more about this at This is Colossal, one of our favorite art websites.

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How the ARTS Can Save the World

logoEvery morning we begin our day with The Optimist Daily, an uplifting newsletter bearing good news for all of us.   This morning, we came upon this amazing piece of art, a video outlining the solutions we are all hoping beyond hope will come to make our world a better place to be, with Alexandria Ortega-Cortez.  Using ART as a tool to overcome fear and skepticism, this article points out how it can actually be done, how we can stop being afraid of the future, afraid of one another, and afraid of the machine that is so well crafted to keep us in the fear.   There are some surprising things in this article, as well as in the video, so PLEASE, spend some time taking it all in, and SHARE it all around.  Watch the video here:

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Check OUT this Innovative Idea to Make A Difference in the World!


We recently happened upon this article describing Garden Pool, and are so encouraged to see that this and so many other projects are moving forward to help improve the status quo for food production and sustainability.  This project began in a man’s empty swimming pool in his back yard in Arizona, and has spread to undeveloped countries to help them learn to grow more food with less water, create seed banks, and much more.

 Garden Pool is a federally recognized 501(c)3 international public charity dedicated to research and education of sustainable development.  Our operations are based in downtown Mesa, Arizona and we have an office in Trinidad & Tobago. We’re working on bringing the GP system to the rest of the world!

The GP (short for Garden Pool) was a one of a kind creation invented by Dennis McClung in October of 2009. It is truly a miniature self-sufficient food-system. Rather than keeping our creation to ourselves, we have decided to share it with others. GPs are being built all over the world offering an easy and sustainable solution to current food production challenges. The Garden Pool system uses more than 98% less water than conventional farming methods, has next-to zero external inputs, uses no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and raises very nutritious food!

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Keep Your Balance


spiralized beets and carrots with massaged kale and topped with sardines! Yummmmm...

spiralized beets and carrots with massaged kale and topped with sardines! Yummmmm…

We have come to absolutely LOVE this dynamic young entrepreneur who  ROCKS spiralizing.  Her story is inspiring, her contributions to healthy eating, and her wisdom in this blog is worth repeating.

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Food is the Best Medicine

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Food!  Glorious Food!  There’s always more delicious, nutritious, amazing offerings of nature to support our best health and vitality!  For a full page of Calley’s great tips for making the wisest choices for your glowing health, click HERE

Surprisingly, SALT is among those superfoods that our bodies cannot live without, AND, healthy salt is not just any salt.  For more information about the best uses and choices of salt, click HERE.   (With thanks to Jess, at Jen Reviews for sharing our posts as well.)

Welcome to a New Year of The Full Body Elixir.

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