A Shining Star Returns to Heaven

One of my greatest inspirations, Tao Porchon-Lynch passed peacefully on the most auspicious Great Night of Shiva, when Shiva dances in heaven. A wonderful website has been constructed to pay homage to this amazing woman, and it includes a video of inspiration.

Please enjoy, and join me in aspiring to the beauty, joy, peace and love of this awesome human Being.

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London is Keeping Pace with Car-Free Traffic


BRAVO LONDON!  I love London and I am jazzed to share this big news from The Guardian!

In one of the biggest car-free initiatives of any city in the world, the capital’s mayor announced on Friday that main streets between  London Bridge and Shoreditch, Euston and Waterloo, and Old Street and Holborn, will be limited to buses, pedestrians and cyclists.

Officials said they were working with boroughs to implement similar restrictions on the minor roads they manage within the area. Cars and lorries may also be banned from Waterloo Bridge and London Bridge.

Experts say it is crucial to encourage walking and cycling as people return to work because physical distancing is impossible on crowded transport and a surge in car use would cause gridlock and an increase in air pollution.

Please share the great news!

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Norway Wealth Fund Choosing a Healthy Future


Bravo to Norway’s $1 trillion wealth fund, which just announced it’s dumping $3 billion in FOSSIL FUEL investments!!!  Norway’s fund is taking a leading role in responsible investment.  This includes some huge coal operations.  They also have bans on tobacco for ethical health reasons, and some arms restrictions tied to human rights and environmental issues.  This signals to the financial market that this is time for every sector of society to vote for a clean, healthy, livable future for all species for all time!  Read more here

Malama Honua

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Clearing the Way for Healthy Re-Entry

Stay-Healthy-street-2-scaledGREAT NEWS IN AN NUTSHELL!  Bravo Seattle!  Seattle’s Mayor Turner announced that their new 20 miles of pedestrian and bike STAY HEALTHY STREETS, will be permanent and bike lanes will be significantly expanded!  YAY Seattle!
Along with my celebration of this, out of curiosity, I checked how many total miles of roads there are in Seattle:  around 3,900!  All those of us who love Seattle and clean air hope that many many more (hundreds of) miles will be added to their healthy streets initiative.
Inspiration for Seattle?  Paris declared that their 405 miles of bikeways, named CORONA CYCLEWAYS, will be permanent!
Further search shows that other cities, including Washington DC, NYC, Boston, Oakland, and more are following suit and opening roadways for pedestrians and cyclists.
Spread the great news!
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Build a Bridge – Save an Endangered Species!

Golden Lion Tamarin

GREAT NEWS IN A NUTSHELL!  Optimist Daily shared The New York Times report of the highly endangered Golden Lion Tamarin in Brazil who will be allowed access to and from their native habitat by building a bridge covered with native flora.  After negotiations and lawsuits, the conservationists managed to get the construction company to agree to build and pay for a forested overpass for animals, the first in Brazil, with a tunnel and forest canopy connections, to enable the tamarins and other animals to pass from one side to the other. The overpass is now nearing completion and should be done this year!

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Jon Bon Jovi is a True ROCK STAR! Washing dishes to feed the hungry in his community.

bon jovi washing dishes

The Daily Kos reported this morning on the Soul Kitchen, a restaurant chain created in 2011 by Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea, in his (and Calley’s) home state of New Jersey.  The Soul Kitchen is specifically geared to serve members of the community who might otherwise not have enough to eat.   Patrons are served regardless of their ability to pay, and treated with dignity and respect.  There are no prices on the menus, and people can pay by donation.  Donations can cover the meals of the person or family, or be greater than that to ‘pay it forward’ for others who need to eat.  Payment can also be made in the form of volunteering in the kitchen, as wait staff, or in the organic gardens, among other options.

So far, there are not only two restaurants, but a one-acre community garden that grows organic produce for both kitchens.  During the coronavirus, Jon has joined others in the kitchen to wash dishes as they continue to serve the hungry.  Usually run on volunteer power (as well as paid help), the restaurant is no longer allowing volunteers to work, but encouraging them to pick up meals and take them home, and then return again the next day for more!  Check out the full article, and rest assured that good is coming to the surface as we all work together to weather this storm.

Bravo Jon Bon Jovi!

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Canadian Company Collects 80% of City’s Recyclable Plastics and Turns It All into Lumber

recycled plastic chairsGOOD NEWS IN A NUTSHELL!  This trailblazing Canadian company is building a new standard for sustainability since they started recycling the bulk of their municipal plastic waste into lumber.

Roughly 80% of the plastic recyclables collected throughout Halifax, Nova Scotia are now being processed by Goodwood Plastic Products Ltd so they can be turned into building blocks.

The plastic lumber can be drilled, nailed, glued, and handled the same way as wooden lumber—but without any of the same deterioration.

Read the whole story HERE!

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Building Designed to be Recycled!


This office building was built with 165,312 screws with intent to allow for all building components to be recycled when the building outlives its purpose.  Comprised mostly of wood, it is designed in ways that allow for more use of natural light and has many other features that are environmentally friendly.

solar powered parking garageOne amazing aspect is that solar panels over the parking lot charge electric cars (the system uses bidirectional charging, so the cars can send energy back to the building when it needs electricity). Changing rooms and showers encourage commuters to bike, and the site is near a train station. A green roof captures rainwater for flushing toilets. The office uses geothermal heating and cooling.

We read it first at Optimist Daily or you can read the full article here.

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Ted Danson Speaks for the Oceans!

Ted Danson

Actor Ted Danson spoke so clearly to congress about the critical need to initiate policies to curb the production and use of one-use plastics, praising the European Union and Peru for their phased bans on the sale, import, and production of one-use plastics.  This article is a worthy read and a nutshell of all the issues involved.
Consider one:  If plastic were a country, it would be the fifth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases.  That’s unacceptable.

We need everyone to find their voice and step up to the plate as Ted Danson has done. Click here for the full story!

Malama Honua,

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Celebrating Mushrooms!


GREAT  NEWS IN A NUTSHELL!  Optimist Daily is collecting and sharing articles on the marvels of mushrooms.  From meat substitutes to fighting depression, curing tuberculosis and metabolizing plastic into organic material, mushrooms are emerging as superpowers.  Click on the photo above to read nine articles sharing the amazing wonders of mushrooms.

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