Who is Calley O’Neill, and what is the Full Body Elixir?

Calley O'Neill welcomes you to Anaehoomalu Bay for yoga on the beach.

Calley was born and raised in good old northern New Jersey.  She never heard the word yoga growing up in the small village of Ridgefield Park.  No one had.  While teaching art at a private alternative high school in Englewood, Calley was introduced to yoga and enrolled in the class they offered the students. A dedicated yoga teacher who looked like Jesus offered the weekly class, and Calley was hooked.  Each time she practiced, she realized how much better and lighter she felt.

Within five weeks, she had five teachers (one on TV!) and a daily practice that has continued unabated for the past several decades. At first, the practice was quite traditional, with a lot of striving to do each posture perfectly. Even after she moved to Vermont for her Master’s degree in Social Ecology at Goddard College, and lived in a small farmhouse with other grad students, and kept an intense schedule with very little sleep, she continued to wake up early and practice every morning.

Calley came to Hawai’i to pursue public art in 1980.  She studied and practiced Ashtanga yoga (known as power yoga) intensely for years.  The stresses of life, old injuries, endless striving and responsibilities, an immensely difficult divorce and years of professional landscaping moving large stone and digging beds finally came to a head. Her back “went out”, painfully out, excruciatingly out, and all of her joints began to hurt.  The pain moved around here and there, but rarely left her lower back.

Over the years, she resolved herself to a life of pain. Numerous other debilitating complications developed in other systems in her body and lingered for decades.  Thankfully, this is old and forgotten history now.

Through a moment-by-moment practice of inner kindness, which came only when she finally had no choice but to surrender to the long, dark night of the soul, Calley slowly and amazingly evolved out of pain.  For this she has endless and daily gratitude and great appreciation. The last twenty years of Calley’s practice has come from within her body, guidance, study, research, an exceptional spiritual teacher who integrates psychological and spiritual healing, qigong, meditation and studies of the mind and the way things manifest through thought.  This continues to bring forth inner healing and dramatic improvement in her health, happiness, positivity and spiritual well being.

Calley has touched in to many well-known teachings in a wide variety of yoga and qigong styles and spiritual disciplines.   She found that Qigong, an ancient Chinese form of energy work unifying breath and movement, is an extraordinary compliment to yoga.

Through meditation, her personal yoga practice, ongoing studies in the Diamond Logos Approach, and her experience teaching thousands of students over the last thirty years, this compassionate healing dynamic meditation has evolved called THE FULL BODY ELIXIR.

During this moving meditation, Calley shares the words of wisdom that helped her most — words she believes that are best heard 1,000,000 times.  Whatever we practice, we become.


2 Responses to Who is Calley O’Neill, and what is the Full Body Elixir?

  1. Mary Jean hamm says:

    Is there a tape of the Body Elixir and how do I get it?

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