The Full Body Elixir in a Nutshell


There is so much to THE FULL BODY ELIXIR, that I am inspired to note the different avenues of wisdom and practices from around the world throughout time that are incorporated within the daily practice.

We live in the most wonderful of times when the combined wisdom both ancient and new is available to us from around the world for the first time (aside from the subtle realms).  From the tried and true age old practices of yoga and qigong, meditation and deep breathing, to the broad understanding of the world as energy; from nutrition, green and blue exercise, Earthing, research on stress and its effects, to the great blessing of practicing in Hawai’i on the beach at Anaeho’omalu, The Full Body Elixir is a simple yet dense holistic practice.  To be sure, the best part is that it actually works when practiced daily.  From student feedback I sense it works very well when practiced every other day as well.  Since I practice daily, I can personally only speak to that.  I still love the practice more every day.

Here are The Full Body Elixir’s primary ingredients.


  • A fusion of yoga and qigong
  • A self spinal adjustment system
  • An internal organ massage
  • A joint lubrication system
  • A muscular stretching system
  • A weight bearing bone building program
  • A lymphatic flush
  • An immune booster
  • Energy medicine
  • A circulation tonic
  • Preventive medicine
  • A deep breathing practice
  • A dynamic meditation
  • A fluid motion core activation system
  • An isometric joint strengthening system
  • A recalibration system for coherence
  • A mantra meditation practice
  • Medicine for the mind
  • Vision fitness system
  • A balance practice
  • Brain rejuvenation system
  • A stress buster
  • The silence and the sounds of nature
  • A clearing of the field of energy around you
  • An experience of Oneness with Nature and the Divine
  • Click here to visit Calley's Official Yoga Site

    Click here to visit Calley’s Official Yoga Site

About The Rama Exhibition

Calley O’Neill is a highly respected artist, muralist, visionary designer and social ecologist from the Big Island of Hawai‘i. Journalists have described her art, which spans four decades, as ethno-visionary, dynamic, symbolic and breathtaking. Calley finds her expression through classical glaze painting in mixed media works, public murals, stained glass and mosaic. Her landmark Healing Gardens of Makahikilua master plan for North Hawai’i Community Hospital in Kamuela received national recognition among top landscape architects in the field of therapeutic garden design. A great team player, Calley’s input raises the bar and sparks innovation toward healing the Earth and its inhabitants. Journalists have described her as ‘a way-finder’, ‘a life giving force’ and ‘a force of nature.’ Calley is known for exceptional quality draftsmanship, a crystalline mastery of glaze painting, stimulating diversity, relentless experimentation, and her love of the Earth and humanity. Her magnum opus is Rama, Ambassador for the Endangered Ones, and she continually works on the exhibition paintings in her Waimea studio and her plein air pop-up studio and tree gallery at the Four Seasons Hualalai at Historic Ka’upulehu, where she is the Artist in Residence. Her paintings are both visual prayers and wake-up calls. Calley earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, summa cum laude from Pratt Institute, New York (1974) and a Master’s Degree in Social Ecology from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont (1977).
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